Heathland, scrub and tundra

Description of Heathland, scrub and tundra


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Non-coastal land which is dry or only seasonally inundated (with the water table at or above ground level for less than half of the year) with greater than 30% vegetation cover. Tundra is characterised by the presence of permafrost. Heathland and scrub are defined as vegetation dominated by shrubs or dwarf shrubs of species that typically do not exceed 5 m maximum height. Includes shrub orchards, vineyards, hedges (which may have occasional tall trees). Also includes stands of climatically-limited dwarf trees (krummholz) < 3 m high, such as occur in extreme alpine conditions. Includes Salix and Frangula carrs. Excludes coppice (G5.7) and Alnus and Populus swamp woodland (G1.4).