Woodland, forest and other wooded land

Description of Woodland, forest and other wooded land


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Woodland and recently cleared or burnt land where the dominant vegetation is, or was until very recently, trees with a canopy cover of at least 10%. Trees are defined as woody plants, typically single-stemmed, that can reach a height of 5 m at maturity unless stunted by poor climate or soil. Includes lines of trees, coppices, regularly tilled tree nurseries, tree-crop plantations and fruit and nut tree orchards. Includes Alnus and Populus swamp woodland and riverine Salix woodland. Excludes Corylus avellana scrub and Salix and Frangula carrs. Excludes stands of climatically-limited dwarf trees (krummholz) < 3m high, such as occur at the arctic or alpine tree limit. Excludes parkland and dehesa with canopy less than 10%, which are listed under sparsely wooded grasslands E7.