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The strandline is the shifting line of decomposing seaweed and debris which is typically left behind on sediment (and some rocky shores) at the upper extreme of the intertidal at each high tide. These ephemeral bands of seaweed often shelter communities of sandhoppers. A fauna of dense juvenile mussels may be found in sheltered firths, attached to algae on shores of pebbles, gravel, sand, mud and shell debris with a strandline of fucoid algae. Situation: Strandlines may occur in bands along the upper extreme of any sediment shore and some rocky shores. Temporal variation: Strandlines tend to be mobile, as they consist of driftlines of decomposing seaweed and other debris, which will decompose, and be shifted by the tide. The amount of debris washed up on strandlines, and hence the extent of the strandline, may vary significantly depending on factors such as recent storms or high tides.