Polychaete/bivalve-dominated muddy sand shores

Description of Polychaete/bivalve-dominated muddy sand shores


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Muddy sand or fine sand, often occurring as extensive intertidal flats on open coasts and in marine inlets. The sediment generally remains water-saturated during low water. The habitat may be subject to variable salinity conditions in marine inlets. An anoxic layer may be present below 5 cm of the sediment surface, sometimes seen in the worm casts on the surface. The infauna consists of a diverse range of amphipods, polychaetes, bivalves and gastropods. Situation: Muddy sand communities are found predominantly on the mid and lower shore, though they may span the entire intertidal. Fine sand or mobile sand communities may be present on the upper shore with muddy sand communities present lower down. In sheltered mid estuarine conditions, muddy sand communities may be present on the upper part of the shore with mid estuarine muddy shore communities (A2.31) lower down.