Mediterranean [Juncus maritimus] and [Juncus acutus] saltmarshes

Description of Mediterranean [Juncus maritimus] and [Juncus acutus] saltmarshes


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Beds of tall Juncus maritimus, Juncus rigidus (Juncus maritimus var. arabicus, Juncus arabicus) or Juncus acutus of saline grounds of Mediterranean and thermo-Atlantic coastlands and of endoreic (closed drainage) interior basins of mediterranean Iberia and mediterranean North Africa, forming, in particular, in periodically inundated depressions , where they may associate with Carex extensa, Iris spuria, Gladiolus communis, Aster tripolium, Sonchus maritimus, Sonchus crassifolius or other elements of units A2.523 and D6.23, and in sandy dunal depressions, where they may alternate with stands of Schoenus nigricans or other formations of unit A2.532.