Features of infralittoral rock

Description of Features of infralittoral rock


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Includes surge gulleys (A3.71), which are found throughout the infralittoral rock zone, and usually consist of vertical bedrock walls, occasionally with overhanging faces, and support communities, which reflect the degree of wave surge they are subject to and any scour from mobile substrata on the cave/gully floors. The larger cave and gully systems, such as found in Shetland, Orkney, the Western Isles and St Kilda, typically show a marked zonation from the entrance to the rear of the gully/cave as wave surge increases and light reduces. Also includes habitats in hard substrata in the infralittoral zone characterised by the presence of seeping or bubbling gases, oils or water (A3.73) and recently colonised artificial hard substrata in the infralittoral zone (A3.72).