[Laminaria digitata] on moderately exposed sublittoral fringe rock

Description of [Laminaria digitata] on moderately exposed sublittoral fringe rock


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Exposed to moderately exposed sublittoral fringe rock characterised by the kelp Laminaria digitata with coralline crusts covering the rock beneath the kelp canopy. Foliose red seaweeds such as Palmaria palmata, Membranoptera alata, Chondrus crispus and Mastocarpus stellatus are often present along with the calcareous Corallina officinalis. The brown seaweed Fucus serratus and the green seaweeds Cladophora rupestris and Ulva lactuca can be present as well. The sponge Halichondria panicea can be found among the kelp holdfasts or underneath overhangs. Also present on the rock are the tube-building polychaete Pomatoceros triqueter, the gastropods Patella vulgata and Gibbula cineraria. The bryozoan Electra pilosa can form colonies on especially C. crispus, M. stellatus and F. serratus while the hydroid Dynanema pumila are more common on the kelp. Three variants of this biotope are described: L. digitata forest on rocky shores (unit A3.2111). L. digitata on boulder shores (unit A3.2112) and soft rock supporting L. digitata, such as the chalk found in south-east England (unit A3.2113). For L. digitata in sheltered, tide-swept conditions see unit A3.221.