[Hiatella arctica] and seaweeds on vertical limestone / chalk

Description of [Hiatella arctica] and seaweeds on vertical limestone / chalk


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This biotope is found in the infralittoral zone on moderately exposed vertical limestone/chalk surfaces in weak tidal streams, and has been recorded most frequently between 0-10m. This biotope is characterised by abundant Hiatella arctica and a rich sponge community including Cliona celata, Dysidea fragilis and Pachymatisma johnstonia. Other species that may be frequent in this biotope are the crab Necora puber, the sea squirt Clavelina lepadiformis, and the top shell Calliostoma zizyphinum, although these species are found in other vertical rock biotopes, however in lesser abundance. Situation: Shallow rocky coasts with vertical limestone faces.