[Mytilus edulis] beds on reduced salinity infralittoral rock

Description of [Mytilus edulis] beds on reduced salinity infralittoral rock


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This biotope occur in shallow, often tide-swept, reduced salinity conditions. Dense beds of the mussel Mytilus edulis with the occasional barnacle Balanus crenatus. A wide variety of epifaunal colonisers on the mussel valves, including seaweeds, hydroids and bryozoans can be present. Predatory starfish Asterias rubens can be very common in this biotope. This biotope generally appears to lack large kelp plants, although transitional examples containing mussels and kelps plants may also occur. More information needed to validate this description. Situation: Occurs in tide-swept entrance channels in very enclosed basins of sealochs where the basins are typically of lowered salinity. Also occurs in very sheltered subtidal rock (often vertical) in lagoons.