Echinoderms and crustose communities on circalittoral rock

Description of Echinoderms and crustose communities on circalittoral rock


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This habitat type occurs on wave-exposed, moderately strong to weakly tide-swept, circalittoral bedrock and boulders. Echinoderms, faunal (Parasmittina trispinosa) and algal crusts (red encrusting algae) dominate this biotope, giving a sparse appearance. Typical echinoderms present are the starfish Asterias rubens, the brittlestar Ophiothrix fragilis and the sea urchin Echinus esculentus. There may be isolated clumps of the hydroids Nemertesia antennina and Abietinaria abietina, Alcyonium digitatum, the anemone Urticina felina and the cup coral Caryophyllia smithii. Other species present may include the polychaete Pomatoceros triqueter and the top shell Calliostoma zizphinum.