[Sabellaria] reefs on circalittoral rock

Description of [Sabellaria] reefs on circalittoral rock


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This habitat type occurs on moderately wave-exposed, circalittoral bedrock, boulders and cobbles subject to moderately strong tidal streams. It is characterised by dense crusts of the polychaete Sabellaria spinulosa covering the substratum. Other fauna present in many cases reflects the biotopes found on nearby rock, so to a certain extent, is quite variable. Species typically present include the bryozoans Flustra foliacea, Alcyonidium diaphanum and Pentapora foliacea, the hydroid Nemertesia antennina, the sponges Tethya aurantium and Phorbas fictitius, the anemones Urticina felina and Sagartia elegans, and the ascidians Distomus variolosus, Polycarpa pomaria and Polycarpa scuba. The barnacle Balanus crenatus, the polychetes Pomatoceros triqueter and Salmacina dysteri, the starfish Crossaster papposus, and Alcyonium digitatum may also be recorded.