Features of circalittoral rock

Description of Features of circalittoral rock


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Circalittoral rock features include circalittoral fouling communities (A4.72) and circalittoral caves and overhangs (A4.71). These features are present throughout the circalittoral zone in a variety of wave exposures and tidal streams. Two fouling subtypes have also been identified: A4.722 has been recorded from disused fishing nets and other artificial substrata, and is characterised by aggregations of Ascidiella aspersa whilst A4.721 has been recorded from steel wrecks, and is characterised by dense aggregations of Alcyonium digitatum and Metridium senile. Habitats in hard substrata in the circalittoral zone characterised by the presence of seeping or bubbling gases, oils or water are also included (A4.73).