[Branchiostoma lanceolatum] in circalittoral coarse sand with shell gravel

Description of [Branchiostoma lanceolatum] in circalittoral coarse sand with shell gravel


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Gravel and coarse sand with shell gravel often contains communities of robust venerid bivalves (A5.142). Shallower examples, such as the biotope presented here, may support a significant population of Branchiostoma lanceolatum. Other conspicuous infauna may include Echinocyamus pusillus, Glycera lapidum, Polygordius, Pisione remota and Arcopagia crassa (in the south of UK). Sessile epifauna are typically a minor component of this community. This biotope has been described from a limited number of records and as such may need revising when further data become available. This biotope is related to the 'Boreal Offshore Gravel Association' and 'Deep Venus Community' described by other workers (Ford 1923; Jones 1951), and may also be closely allied (the same?) as the 'Venus fasciata' community of Cabioch (Glemarec 1973). This biotope may be an epibiotic overlay of the biotope A5.133 or A5.142.