[Mysella bidentata] and [Thyasira] spp. in circalittoral muddy mixed sediment

Description of [Mysella bidentata] and [Thyasira] spp. in circalittoral muddy mixed sediment


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In moderately exposed or sheltered, circalittoral muddy sands and gravels a community characterised by the bivalves Thyasira spp. (often Thyasira flexuosa), Mysella bidentata and Prionospio fallax may develop. Infaunal polychaetes such as Lumbrineris gracilis, Chaetozone setosa and Scoloplos armiger are also common in this community whilst amphipods such as Ampelisca spp. and the cumacean Eudorella truncatula may also be found in some areas. The brittlestar Amphiura filiformis may also be abundant at some sites. Conspicuous epifauna may include encrusting bryozoans Escharella spp. particularly Escharella immersa and, in shallower waters, maerl (Phymatolithon calcareum), although at very low abundances and not forming maerl beds.