Polychaete-rich deep [Venus] community in offshore mixed sediments

Description of Polychaete-rich deep [Venus] community in offshore mixed sediments


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In offshore circalittoral slightly muddy mixed sediments, a diverse community particularly rich in polychaetes with a significant venerid bivalve component may be found. Typical species include the polychaetes Glycera lapidum, Aonides paucibranchiata, Laonice bahusiensis, Mediomastus fragilis, Lumbrineris gracilis, Pseudomystides limbata, Protomystides bidentata and syllid species and bivalves such as Timoclea ovata, Glycymeris glycymeris, Spisula elliptica and Goodallia triangularis. This biotope has been recorded on surveys of the Lambay and Codling Deeps and other areas of the Irish Sea and collectively with A5.142 comprise the 'Deep Venus Community' and the 'Boreal Off-Shore Gravel Association' as defined by other workers (Ford 1923; Jones 1950). Some examples of this biotope may have abundant juvenile Modiolus modiolus.