[Laminaria saccharina] and [Chorda filum] on sheltered upper infralittoral muddy sediments

Description of [Laminaria saccharina] and [Chorda filum] on sheltered upper infralittoral muddy sediments


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Shallow kelp community found on sandy mud and gravelly sandy mud, in sheltered or extremely sheltered conditions, with very weak tidal currents. The community is characterised by a reasonable covering of Laminaria saccharina and Chorda filum. Beneath the kelp canopy, Ulva lactuca is often frequent and some filamentous and foliose red algae may be present, along with filamentous brown ectocarpoid algae although in much lower abundance than in the A5.521 subunits. At the sediment surface ubiquitous fauna such as Asterias rubens, crabs such as Pagurus bernhardus, Carcinus maenas, and the gastropod Gibbula cineraria may be visable and in some areas Sabella pavonina may be present. Given the nature of the sediment it is likely that a wide range of infaunal bivalves and polychaetes are present including Arenicola marina, Mediomastus fragilis and Anaitides mucosa. In more tideswept areas with coarser and generally less muddy sediments A5.522 may be replaced by one of the sub units of A5.521.