Ponto-Sarmatic mixed [Populus] riverine forests

Description of Ponto-Sarmatic mixed [Populus] riverine forests


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Mixed riverine forests of the floodplains of rivers of the Pontic and Sarmatic steppes, wooded steppes and southern nemoral forests of southern Eastern Europe, in particular, of the lower Danube, the lower Prut, the lower Dniestr, the lower Dniepr basin, the lower and middle Don and Donetz system, the lower Volga basin, the Kouma and Terek basins, dominated by or rich in Populus alba, Populus nigra, Populus canescens. They extend west to the sub-Carpathian Getic region; poplar galleries described from the Pannonic margin of Moravia and the Bohemian basin occupy a similar ecological position and are listed with them.