Medio-European neutrophile [Fagus] forests

Description of Medio-European neutrophile [Fagus] forests


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Fagus sylvatica and, in higher mountains, Fagus sylvatica-Abies alba or Fagus sylvatica-Abies alba-Picea abies forests developed on neutral or near-neutral soils, with mild humus (mull), of the medio-European and Atlantic domaines of Western Europe and of central and northern Central Europe, characterised by a strong representation of species belonging to the ecological groups of Anemone nemorosa, of Lamium galeobdolon, of Carex pilosa, of Galium odoratum and Melica uniflora and, in mountains, various Dentaria spp., forming a richer and more abundant herb layer than in the forests of units G1.61 and G1.62. Vegetation of alliance Fagion, suballiance Eu-Fagenion.