Moesian [Fagus] forests

Description of Moesian [Fagus] forests


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Fagus sylvatica or Fagus moesiaca forests of the Balkan Range, the southern Dinarides, the Moeso-Macedonian mountains, the Pelagonids, the Rhodope, the Thessalian mountains, reaching their southern limits in the Vermion, the Vernon, the border ranges of northern Macedonia, the Chalkidiki, Greek Thrace, the Olympus group, Ossa and Pelion. Fagus sylvatica is accompanied, at the higher altitudes and latitudes, by Abies alba and Picea abies. The forests have, even in the south of their range, a pronounced medio-European character, marked by the frequency of Acer pseudoplatanus, Quercus petraea, Fragaria vesca, Oxalis acetosella.