Western [Quercus pubescens] woods and related communities

Description of Western [Quercus pubescens] woods and related communities


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Quercus pubescens forests and woods of the supra-Mediterranean zone of France, west of the Alpine arc, and of northeastern Spain, with irradiations to southern Germany and Belgium. Low medio-European forests of Quercus petraea or Quercus robur occupying warm exposures beyond the range of Quercus pubescens and linked to the Quercion pubescenti-petraeae by the presence of Buxus sempervirens or other thermophile calcicolous plants, including Limodorum abortivum, Melittis melissophyllum. In the Carpathians they are represented by the alliance Genisto germanicae-Quercion with species Avenella flexuosa, Calluna vulgaris, Festuca ovina, Genista spp., Luzula luzuloides.