Description of Garrigue


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Evergreen sclerophyllous or lauriphyllous shrub vegetation, with an open canopy structure and some bare ground, usually with many winter annuals and vernal geophytes. Low shrubs of Cistus, Lavandula, Rosmarinus and Stoechas are usually present, and there may be some larger shrubs and scattered trees. Garrigue is found mostly in the Mediterranean, Macaronesian and Pontic regions, where it typically derives from degradation or regrowth of broad-leaved evergreen forests (G2), but it extends into deciduous forest areas in the supra-Mediterranean zone and sub-Mediterranean zones and into steppe areas in Anatolia. Includes scrubby land with mainly herbaceous vegetation and a large component of unpalatable non-vernal monocots (Asphodelus, Urginea) and thistles, provided that shrub cover exceeds 10%.