Wooded steppe

Description of Wooded steppe


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The transition zone between forests and the middle Eurasian, Irano-Anatolian or Saharo-Mediterranean steppes, occurring in a vast swath extending from Pannonia to the Far East, south of and inland from the boreal and nemoral forest belts, in regions of reduced summer humidity, as well as in areas adjacent to, or under the influence of the Mediterranean and warm-temperate humid zones, represented by a macromosaic of steppe and connected, contiguous, disjunct or widely spaced woodland stands, the latter usually with a very developed grassy understorey, or by a scattering of trees within a steppe environment. The forest elements are often located on porous or slightly raised ground, valley sides or slopes, the grasslands occupying less well drained soils and lower places. Component habitat types include those of E1.2 in combination with G1.7.