Machair complexes

Description of Machair complexes


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Machair complexes are characterised by the effects of wind-blown calcareous sand with a predominance of shell fragments, a low proportion of sand-binding vegetation and a long history of agricultural use. Machair in its strict sense (B1.9) refers to short-turf grassland on relatively flat and low-lying sand plains formed by dry or wet (seasonally waterlogged) sandy soil above peat or impermeable bedrock. Machair complexes (X27) correspond to machair in the broad sense, including the beach zone (B1.2), mobile and semi-fixed foredunes (B1.3), dune-slack pools (C1.16), fens (D4.1), lochs (C1), some of them brackish, and saltmarsh (A2.5), as well as machair grassland (B1.9) and land cultivated on a strip rotation (I1).